Low Maintenance – Saving you time :

Cutting the lawn can be a time consuming task especially in the height of summer when it often becomes a weekly chore – surely that precious time could be better spent doing other things? Let’s not forget the need for fertilising, watering and weed killing – and the cleaning should you have pets! Our artificial grass, on the other hand, looks just like the real thing, looks perfect all year round without any need to mow, water or feed.

Perfect for Pets:

Dogs and cats just love running around the garden… tearing up the grass! Most dogs will use the garden as a toilet too which makes it very difficult to maintain a lush green living lawn; Real grass can be a bit of a headache for dog owners – what with bald and muddy patches or areas of dead brown grass, not to mention muddy paws running through the house on a regular basis. An artificial grass installation is the perfect solution to the above problems. Not only will it prove to be practical for you and your pets, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful garden all year round without the fuss and hassle that goes with maintaining a living grass lawn.

Our artificial grass is soft underfoot and very easy to clean – any dog mess can easily be picked up or washed away. Our artificial grass is dog approved…

Safe for Play:

Children love to play outside. If you are proud parents then your garden is probably home to numerous large garden toys and play equipment – trampolines, swings and slides for example. An artificial grass installation is not only more hygienic than a traditional grass lawn, it’s also much safer and useable for children. If you have play equipment in your garden or school, you want to be sure that they have as much protection as possible should they fall. Our artificial grass can be complemented by our premium Shock Pad System. Our Shock Pad System has been tested independently in line with BSEN 1177:2008 and is suitable for equipment with a Critical Fall Height of upto 2.6m. By installing artificial grass, you will enable your children to play out in the garden all year round with a perfectly manicured lawn for everyone to enjoy every day.

Great for Sports:

Many sports facilities, schools and parks have opted to use artificial grass not only because of the reasons above, but also because of its enhanced durability, too. While real grass is susceptible to wear and tear, artificial lawns are tough enough to withstand an onslaught from rugby players, footballers, hockey sticks and tennis matches and still look great.

Perfectly Manicured Lawn All Year Round:

No matter what the weather, your artificial grass installation will always look impeccably kept. Our premium artificial grass ranges are highly realistic, to look at and to feel, and will continue to look fabulous all year round.

Mud Free:

Are you tired of having a muddy lawn? We have all experienced the frustration caused by children and animals leaving a trail of mud behind them into the house after running around on wet grass – and thanks to our great British weather – it is often wet! With an artificial grass installation, you don’t need to worry about muddy footprints any more, or the possibility of your garden being churned up into an unpleasant patch of mud. An artificial grass installation will offer year round usability.


Our luxury artificial grass is extremely durable, it will withstand years of even heavy usage and will continue to look fabulous.